Sunday, September 10, 2017 (Following AM Service)

Sunday, September 17, 2017 (During & following AM Service)


Calvary Small Group Resources:
Sample Meeting Timeline
Sample Ministry Opportunity Contacts
Calvary Curriculum List (September 2016)
Small Group Leader Application
Small Group Ministry Manual
Current Small Group List (April 2017)


Frequently Asked Questions:

What are Small Groups?
Calvary’s Small Groups are groups of three or more people meeting in homes and common places all around our community on a regular basis for the purpose of connecting in true community and growing with others.

When can I join a group?
Calvary’s Small Groups run in semester cycles: Fall Semester (September – December) and Spring Semester (January – May),
but please feel free to join at any time!

What types of groups are there?
There are groups for Couples, Families, Men, Women, Students and many others. We offer three different group formats in an effort to connect.

Curriculum-Based Small Groups
Most often DVD or Book-based studies learned and discussed as a group.

– Sermon-Based Small Groups
Go deeper with Calvary Assembly’s weekend sermons discussed and applied as a group.

Interest-Based Small Groups
Connect with others on a hike or enjoying another worthwhile pastime where you can enjoy yourself while you connect and grow together with others.

Is child care provided?
Some groups provide child care and some do not. It is our hope that each person would be connected with a small group. Please view the (current small group list) to see which groups currently offer child care.

How do I become a Small Group leader? It’s easy!

Go to our Start a Group page, download and complete the Small Group Leader Application.

After you submit the completed application, our Discipleship Pastor will contact you for an interview to discuss plans for your group.

After completing the Small Group Leader Training, your group will be added to our brochure and online list and resources will be provided as discussed.

We hope that everyone who attends Calvary will connect with a Small Group. If you don’t find one that works for you, let us help you start one.